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    May 19, 2019

    How to Reach out to a Recruiter and How to Stand Apart in a New Job

    Stephanie Dennis is a recruiter and a host of two career podcasts - Unpacking and Career Talk . She knows about how to get noticed in a job search because she is responsible for finding the right candidates for a variety of different types of role...

    May 12, 2019

    How to turn your side hustle into full-time with Chelsweets

    Chelsey White (aka Chelsweets) has created and shot a ton of really cool cake recipes. She considers herself a blogger, baker and content creator. Her cakes are both cute and delicious - and she’s inspiring a whole new generation to start baking...

    May 5, 2019

    How to Get Organized in a Job Search with Stephanie Domanski

    Stephanie Domanski worked as a CPA and a project management consultant but her real super power is solving problems. Beyond being a master problem solver, she is someone who wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector but couldn’t get a co...

    Apr 28, 2019

    How to Create Your Own Opportunity with Katie Quinn

    Katie Quinn is the definition of a creator. She has a podcast, a food and travel YouTube channel and created an avocado cookbook. She started her career in the NBC Page program, then worked as a video journalist at Now This News and attended culin...

    Mar 24, 2019

    Ep: 49 How to save money without sacrificing with the Fiscal Femme

    Ashley Feinstein Gerstley of the Fiscal Femme is working to demystify money. She just released her book the 30-Day Money Cleanse and she has so much to share about how to be smart with money including how to break our bad habits around money and c...

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Hi! I’m Laura with Kick Ass In Life. Moving to NYC without a job, I wanted to get hired fast and begin a fulfilling career. When I was struggling to find a full-time job, my dad gave me two words that have stuck with me: “Kick Ass.”

By repeating this mantra and changing my approach, I secured a full-time job four months after moving to NYC. I now work as a digital video producer at a tv network and love finding ways to challenge myself in my career and in life.

I live frugally without sacrificing my lifestyle to live (and retire) well. I devote my free time to moving my body, eating well, and staying sane in one of the craziest cities in the world. It’s my mission to help interns, recent graduates, and friends with their careers, money and health to help them kick ass too.

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Went from unemployed to doubling my salary in two years

Helped dozens of recent grads find connections, opportunities, and jobs

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Latest Quick Tips

Whether you're an intern, a soon-to-be graduate, a recent grad or just starting out in New York City, learn these Quick Tips for your resume, your interview and your negotiation.

How to Stand Out In the Interview Process

Interviewing is hard! It’s nerve-wracking. But you can’t avoid it if you’re trying to land a job. I had the privilege to talk to Stephanie of the Career Talk podcast about how to stand apart in the interview process. I reveal one of my favorite secrets to get hired fast.   

My ebook is now on Amazon

Sent out a million resumes and haven’t heard back? Is your application going straight to the black hole? This practical and step-by-step approach will help you differentiate yourself in this hyper-competitive environment, get hired fast and launch a career. You have no time to waste in a job search – it’s time to kick ass in your career!

How to create authentic connections and build your network

“Hi I’m Laura and I’m seeking opportunities…”

A great way to meet several people at once is to go to networking events. These types of events are organized by professional groups, alumni associations, or other types of clubs and organizations as a way to meet other people in a specific industry or geographical location.

How to Face Imposter Syndrome

We all feel like we don’t belong sometimes and we are inadequate in our jobs. It can feel like we somehow tricked people to get where we are today. Sometimes we feel like we don’t deserve the success we’ve achieved.

Ask Yourself Every Day if You Feel Bright

Are you feeling bright? It’s hard. It’s December and crazy busy and the answer is no, you’re probably not feeling too bright right about now. I’m not talking about the holiday spirit, either. I’m talking about that part deep inside of you that feels good when you wake up and go to work, class or otherwise. 

Should You Intern if You’ve Graduated?

Should you intern if you’ve already graduated? This is a question I get A LOT. And I get it. You feel like if you’ve graduated you should get a job immediately. Which is great if you can. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you just can’t get a company to take a chance on you. But you might be able to get a foot in the door if you intern for them first. 

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