Featured on the Millennial Money Podcast

I was so excited to talk to Shannah Compton Game of the Millennial Money Podcast all about money! I love chatting about money, and I’m so inspired by Shannah’s pursuit to teach people about how to deal with their money because everything in the world revolves around money. So who better than to take ownership of your money than YOU?! Shannah’s mission is a powerful one and I’m happy to share my own expertise on money, how to live frugally in a place like NYC, how to negotiate your salary and so much more.

Everyone wants to know the secret to kick ass in your career and your life. My guest, Laura Eshelman, is the host of the podcast Kick ass in life, and she has one secret to share that she thinks is the key to kick ass in life.

Laura is creator and host of the podcast Kick Ass in Life to help recent grads and others get hired fast, be smart with money and be happier and healthier. Earlier this year Laura released her first ebook on Amazon, “Kick Ass in Your Career.” You won’t want to miss her life-changing advice on this episode.

What You’ll Learn:

The keys to kick ass in life

The lessons Laura has learned in the corporate world about getting ahead

Why negotiating is your key to success – and how to do it well

Laura’s tips on how to afford to live in an expensive city

Laura’s money story and the powerful money mindset pieces she’s learned over the years