Real Life Informational Interview

I was so impressed with Emma Rechenberg. She’s a fellow Mizzou grad and she did a cold reach out to me to meet her for coffee and talk about her career. She moved to NYC without a job and we had a great informational interview. I enjoyed our conversation and her specific questions so much that I wanted to share that conversation with you.
We talk about everything:
  • How to tailor your resume and  apply to different types of jobs
  • How to create an online portfolio for yourself
  • How do you directly reach out to the folks going through the applications or how do you keep going in the time frame where you’re in limbo waiting to hear back?
  • How to stand out in an interview and leave a good impression
  • How to send a follow-up thank-you note
  • It’s been a week since the interview and you haven’t heard back. Is there a way to re-reach out to someone who you’ve interviewed with?
  • How do you stay positive in the face of rejection?