How to Maximize the College Experience

Katy Olivera of the Collegehood Advice Podcast wants you to succeed in your college experience. This episode is both for those who are in college and looking to maximize their college experience and includes good takeaways for all of us looking to maximize the opportunities we’ve been given.
Katy started the podcast after working 15 years in higher education in various roles and she found that there was a need to empower students to harness their potential and embrace who they are professionally and personally. So often college can be transactional –  get into a good school, take good classes, get good grades. Yet that leaves a whole world untouched. So she’s shaking that and finding ways to help students build the life they want.
In today’s episode, we talk about specific ways to maximize the college experience – but you won’t get time management hacks and tricks here. You will get actionable information to take advantage of the full range of the college experience. We’re talking about how to use college to cultivate curiosity, build networks of peers, experiment, be open-minded to change and learn how to transition easily to find a job.

Here are today’s top takeaways: 

  1. Find your niche. Move beyond the transactional way of being of just checking off boxes. Get the A. Be less focused on what I’m getting out of this and instead ask why are these classes in my degree plan. Always ask why because there is no formula for the perfect college experience. 
  2.  Focus less on my major and what job it will equal you can get. Focus instead on what you’re interested in. Pick a major you are fascinated by and interested in. you’ll be more engaged and develop skills and network with like-minded people. 
  3.  Use experience to cultivate things that matter to you If you are going through motions, you’re not going to be very engaged. Forge your own path. Take advantage of everything college has to offer- the networks, the people, the classes etc. You’re going to have better experience.   
  4. Start being who you want to be right out of the GATE!!  You are close to the ballpark if you’re living that goal from day one. 

Follow curiosity and be open-minded to try things. Explore, experiment and take risks – take healthy risks. We often get stuck because we’re not exploring when we’re young so take lots of classes and have an  open mind