Feeling stuck in your career? Sent out a million resumes and haven’t heard back? Is your application going straight to the black hole? I would love to help you get ahead through a practical and step-by-step approach will help you differentiate yourself in this hyper-competitive environment, get hired fast and launch a career. You have no time to waste in a job search – it’s time to kick ass in your career!

Here are the services I’d love the chance to help you with:

Resume Revamp – Create a resume that gets noticed and gets plucked from the black hole of applications to get you the interview.

Interview Prep – Prepare well for the interview including the secret tips that help you stand apart and get you the offer.

Salary Negotiation – Create a case to ask for more and have the confidence to get the highest offer. You deserve it.

Career Coaching / Mentorship– Feeling stuck in your current role? Thinking about a career pivot? Career coaching can help you refine your goals and start making moves toward your highest ambitions.

Networking Bootcamp – Start meeting people that will help you get your next job offer.

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