Kick Ass in Life: Resumes

How to Create a Resume that Gets Noticed Fast

A resume is the most important tool in your marketing and branding toolbox. To avoid ending up in the black hole it needs to stand out and be well written and definitely not be boring!

How to Craft an Expert Cover Letter and Stand Apart in Your Job with Editor-In-Chief of SELF

Carolyn Kylstra started as Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine just as it was transitioning from a legacy print brand into a digital-led media organization. On a deadline to create a strategy, an editorial plan and voice for the brand, Carolyn took on each challenge, and the media industry quickly took notice. SELF is an award-winning wellness media brand that seeks to help people to live healthier lives. 

How to Stand Out In the Interview Process

Interviewing is hard! It’s nerve-wracking. But you can’t avoid it if you’re trying to land a job. I had the privilege to talk to Stephanie of the Career Talk podcast about how to stand apart in the interview process. I reveal one of my favorite secrets to get hired fast.   

Impress Hiring Managers with a Killer Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to express your interest in the opportunity and why you are perfect for the job.

How to Find the Right Job Opportunities & Where to Look

Have you ever struggled to get started in a job search and not known where to get started? In this episode, I talk about where to look for job opportunities. From using the resources online to your network, there are a few places you should always be searching for a job. 2018 is the year of YOU. If one of your goals is to find a new job this year — get started and start searching. Actively looking for opportunities…

Sell Yourself with an Online Portfolio that Shines

Wondering how to create a portfolio that stands apart? It’s easy! 1. Buy your domain name. Own your brand. Go to and buy your domain name. If it’s not available, try .me instead of .com. 2. Include relevant work. Make sure all links work and are displayed in a simple, beautiful way. 3. If you’re good at a lot, pick one thing. Highlight how you are incredible in one thing and use your portfolio to show it off. If…

Create a Badass Resume

A resume is the most important tool in your toolbox to sell yourself, but most people are lazy and do a terrible job of crafting theirs. They use Word templates so their resume looks like everyone else’s, including generic duties and responsibilities, and invariably fly under the radar of a recruiter. Boring resumes simply don’t get noticed. So craft a good one to sell yourself in the best possible way. Go through your resume with a fine-tooth comb to edit…