Sell Yourself with an Online Portfolio that Shines

Wondering how to create a portfolio that stands apart? It’s easy!

1. Buy your domain name. Own your brand. Go to and buy your domain name. If it’s not available, try .me instead of .com.

2. Include relevant work. Make sure all links work and are displayed in a simple, beautiful way.

3. If you’re good at a lot, pick one thing. Highlight how you are incredible in one thing and use your portfolio to show it off. If you have additional skills, highlight those too but be sure to show you’re an expert in one thing.

4. Find simple design and hosting. Visit Squarespace or Wix for an out-of-the-box solution. Try wordpress if you’d like more contorl and know some html.

5. Market it. Put it everywhere including your resume and your email signature.

That’s it! It’s the best way to market yourself.

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Go kick ass in your career.