Kick Ass in Life: Career

How to Be Productive with Jeff Sanders

My guest today is Jeff Sanders. He is a productivity expert. He is the host of the show the 5 a.m. Miracle Podcast and a book by the same name. He got started by testing ways to be even more productive in his own life.

How to Listen to your Inner GPS with Maria Gavriel

Maria and I talk about how to listen to your inner GPS, how to be in charge of your own professional success, how to clarify the vision for a direction you want to move in, and how to find accountability so you actually get it done.

How to Build a Dream Career with Dia Darling

We throw around this term dream career and I bet you’re wondering  – What’s possible? Is a dream career attainable?

How to Negotiate Your Salary and Get Paid with Denise Liebetrau

If you don’t negotiate your salary, you’re leaving money on the table – there are these calculations that say that you can leave from half a million to a million on the table each year. That’s insane!  That’s money that’s waiting for you to take.

How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine the CEO of your dream job company just walked into the elevator. You now have 16 floors to make an impression, get noticed, and get hired. What do you say?

How to Maximize the College Experience

Katy Olivera of the Collegehood Advice Podcast wants you to succeed in your college experience. This episode is both for those who are in college and looking to maximize their college experience and includes good takeaways for all of us.

How to Kick Ass in the First Months of a New Job or Internship

During your first few months, your goal is to get the lay of the land. You want to take stock in everyone, what they do, and—most importantly—how they work. Even if you’ve had another internship or job, every job is distinct.

How to Create a Dream Career, Not Just a Dream Job with Nissar Ahmed

In this episode, we talk about how you can skip the traditional job search process, how to create a dream career, not just a dream job, how to start a path in entrepreneurship and how to fall in love with the process.

How to Create a Resume that Gets Noticed Fast

A resume is the most important tool in your marketing and branding toolbox. To avoid ending up in the black hole it needs to stand out and be well written and definitely not be boring!

How to Pitch Yourself with Laura Meyer

The founder and CEO of Envision Horizons talks networking secrets, applying for jobs and how to kick ass during the interview process.