How to Be Productive with Jeff Sanders

Since we’re all working from home these days, you might have experienced some lulls in your productivity. It’s hard to stay productive when you can’t plan for the future and each day feels similar to the last. Today’s episode should hopefully address that and give you some tools to be more productive.

My guest today is Jeff Sanders. He is a productivity expert. He is the host of the show the 5 a.m. Miracle Podcast and a book by the same name. He got started by testing ways to be even more productive in his own life.

We talk about how you can work most effectively in this new situation. How can you block distractions, guarantee focus, be amped up for the day to get stuff done all while you’re stuck in place. We talk about how to maintain focus, establish specific work times, how to win your morning, how to deal with the afternoon slump, how to still achieve your goals and so much more.

Here are today’s top takeaways

Be really intentional about what a day looks like in this new environment. Achieve one really big thing per day to stay focused. Make a list that you want to see that happen every day for you. Do One big gaol– one specific thing that will give you the most accomplishment in that day. Do something that you don’t want to do or what you’ve been putting off. Do the thing that is most disgusting, difficult – do it first and move on with your day. Will help with boosting confidence and productivity behind me to do more with my day. Define ahead of time what great day would look like. Intentionality is key.

Have a cutoff time. Set clear boundaries so you have an actual work ending time. Put in the intentional effort for a specific amount of time and then turn off your computer. Give yourself an end time for your day so you’re not lazily going through the motions. More fulfilling to have a cutoff time. Have different activities planned and won’t get burned out

If you have an afternoon slump – do something else. Do laundry or dishes that don’t require your brain or do something different. Then you can come back to work more refreshed and ready.

Achieve total focus. Total focus is being productive. Eliminate the few distractions so I can do just one thing. Find a great day you want to repeat. Do that by achieving 1 or 2 big things for the day. If you’re distracted, name the distraction and find a way to defeat those one at a time.
Avoid snacking. Only buy healthy items and pack your lunch.

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