How to Listen to your Inner GPS with Maria Gavriel

Maria Gavriel is a career coach and an author and she helps her clients have an awesome life by doing what they love. Marias’ path to coaching wasn’t easy – she always enjoyed coaching but found it a challenge to make a business out of it – especially when she had a successful business – but she felt like something was missing so it drew her back to coaching.

We talk about how to understand what your inner GPS is telling you for what direction to move in, how to be in charge of your own professional success, how to clarify the vision for a direction you want to move in, and how to find accountability so you actually get it done.

Top Takeaways: 

Listen to your inner GPS

We go through conditioning — think about what we should be doing and there will be a whisper. Listen to the occasional doubt or wonder that gets louder and louder. Hit part of life that will get loud. 

Pay atention to all of the feelings you’re feeling. Do you feel physical discomfort? Pay attention to the little breakdowns here and there. 

Working for heart will never let you down.  

Owning your own business opens up so much for you personally and professionally. When you are in charge, connect with others on a deeper level. Get really clear on the goal – what vision is for this year. Let that process begin. Get clear on the three legs that will make that goal possible. Execute and implement. Micro-goaling. Here are the three avenues to go for that goal. 

What about if you don’t know that direction – how can you get started? 

We know but we get pulled from it. Follow our emotions and hearts. Start with what you know, what you connect with, what excites you, what you feel passionate about. Inspire you in some way. 

Look for people that inspire you. What about the person that you get inspired by? 

Accountability and integrity 

Have one person to motivate you and clear blocks, step out of own way. See clearly. Get through that phase. You will have to fail – have that support system to take you through it and help you heal. Find an accountability buddy that can commit and stay with you. Start talking about your goals. Create a timeline. Speak it into existence. More talk about it, the more you hold yourself accountable. Community — when you failed 2x years in a row. Having a community around you is a godsend

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