How to Build a Dream Career with Dia Darling

We throw around this term dream career, but what’s possible? Is a dream career attainable or is it a pipe dream?  I know I’ve wondered what’s possible- especially once you find yourself on a certain path for a certain amount of time. Do you need to stay on that path or can you pivot into something that will bring you more joy  – is there anything out there that might bring you more joy that you’re not paying attention to right now? It’s hard to know when you’re on the right path. But in truth is there is no right path. You will never be 100 percent sure the path you’re on is the right path. And that’s ok. That’s why we’re here to ask questions.

What we pay attention to matters and so does asking the right questions. Which is what today is about. My guest has some action-orientated ideas to help you start making goals and taking incremental action so you can start heading in the direction of a career of your dreams.

Dia Darling is the podcast creator and host of Creatives Crushing Anxiety – isn’t that a great title. She is also a project manager and coach helps entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and speakers launch their businesses, books and events. Today’s ep she will help us launch our dream careers.

We talk about how to how to identify a direction to move in, how to get started on the path toward your dream career, how to take action, how to have open conversations to hack your current job, and how to meet others to help you on your path to a dream career. 

Top Takeaways


  • You don’t know what the dream is until you start living it
    • You think it might be perfect
    • You do for a while, evolve and grow
    • Realize you don’t want to do it 
    • Examine where you are at, where you want to go and identify what can be tweaked and what they are doing now can help them get where they want to go
  • What makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day 
    • What things light you up 
    • What roles do you gravitate toward? 
    • Pay attention to habits
    • Journal! Freewriting! 
  • Ask the people that you work with: what is something you see in me that I’m really good at? Note patterns and habits. Pay attention 
    • You have to observe and look back on the experiences you’ve had. Ask other people. 
    • Skill vs passion. Tie those two together. 
    • What do I enjoy/ what parts do  I not enjoy
  • Have the conversation
    • Check in what you like and don’t like
    • Talk to team managers about what they don’t like and what they like.
    • Be realistic in what you ask. Come up with solutions! Platforms or process. What if we try this way. Get a receptive response.
  • Get away from behind the computer and meet people in your city.
    • Free networking group. Met closest friends. Connected to dream clients. 
    • Make connections!!