How to Pitch Yourself with Laura Meyer

Laura Meyer is the founder and CEO of a startup helping companies with their Amazon strategy. She originally moved to NYC without a job and started strategically looking for opportunities through networking, cold calls and more and eventually found her way to Amazon. What she learned at each step allowed her to start and run her own successful business called Envision Horizons, which she started at 25 and is thriving today. 

In this episode, we talk about how to shamelessly network, how to kick ass in the interview process (hint– if you do what she says you will get the job), how to create such a great impression that they will pay you what you’re worth.. She also shares what she looks at in candidates when she makes hiring decisions when it comes to resumes, presentation and getting noticed. If you want to get past the black hole of applications and get hired fast, this episode is for you. 

Here are today’s top takeaways

  1. Take every interview you receive. Interviews are not just one way. You are also interviewing the company so find out as much as you can. You can learn a lot about different industries if you interview at different places.

  2. Be a shameless networker. More people you know and build a  genuine relationship with the better.  You might wonder are you pestering this person but in reality, you are just putting yourself out there. The more you do this the better. Cold email people on LinkedIn with a genuine interest to learn from them. You have to throw a few irons in the fire to have something that sticks.

  3. Format your resume. Everything you do makes a statement. Include logo at the header and design it that it was visually appealing.

    1. Resume should be one page

    2. Put on the experience for the job you’re applying for. Anyone should be able to highlight their key experience on one page.

    3. Look at general majors because hiring managers want to see you work hard at whatever you’re doing

  4. Create original ideas you want to talk about in the interview. Laura studied the company’s business model, took some research they weren’t taking advantage of and created a Mini business proposal in my first interview! She was pretty confident she would get the job — but it was also about getting the salary to back up the experience.

  5. Come to the interview/pitch prepared to sell yourself. In the company, you will sell their product. You need to show in  the interview you can sell yourself

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