How to Negotiate Your Salary and Get Paid with Denise Liebetrau

If you don’t negotiate your salary, you’re leaving money on the table – there are these calculations that say that you can leave from half a million to a million on the table each year. That’s insane!  That’s money that’s waiting for you to take.

Denise Leibitrau wants you to get paid what you’re worth. And the only way to do that is by asking. That’s what we’re talking about today. Getting PAID through successful salary negotiations.

Denise runs prosper consulting LLC which helps her clients be successful in salary negotiations and shes’ sharing her secrets with us.

In today’s’ episode we talk about how you can frame your negotiation, do the research so you have the information to be successful, how to lead with a business case, how to frame your accomplishments and results, how to frame to your manager, how to be visible and how to answer the why in the negotiation. This is super actionable information you can take into your next salary negotiation – either at your current job or at a new job.

Here are today’s top takeaways: 

  1. Lead with the business case
    • Don’t lead with the ask for money
    • Share the deliverables you produced and / results that are valued for the company
    • Illustrate the outcome. Know what they define as success and put what you. Tell your story of your value.
  2. Do salary research
    • Search the internet for resources for the salary band of the position.
    • Payscale
    • Linkedin
    • Glassdoor
    • Email Denise at for her free guide
  3. You should be visible to your boss’s peers. 
    • Be visible to demonstrate what you’re an expert in and the results you’re driving.
    • Share your success with the wider team and be visible to the right people beyond YOUR department. 
    • Ask “Could I be invited to the staff meeting so I can give a project update?”
    • Being visible and presenting can be very powerful. Demonstrate how you’re driving results. Speak in front of broader groups.
  4. Demonstrate your WHY — Articulate why they should pay more based on their business goals.
    • Learn about the department – department contributes to the business goals 
    • Learn about their impact. 
    • Help drive success for other people.
    •  Haven’t proven self – ask for a pay and performance discussion in 6 months