Kick Ass in Life: Money

How to Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiation is hard. You are awesome for even trying! Many people don’t and they lose out of thousands of dollars over the long term. Don’t settle—you know how hard you’ll work.

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September is the new January

It’s time to get in gear because September is the beginning of the all new you. Wait. You check your calendar. January is four months away. September is just another month. You’re done with school, so why should you think about September as a transition time?

Have zero dollars saved? Let’s fix that

When I first moved to NYC, anxiety plagued me when I went out with friends. I hated birthday dinners where the check was ultimately split evenly, despite the fact I didn’t order or partake in the appetizers. I disliked meeting people for drinks because a $7 beer took away from what I had allocated next day’s lunch. At every turn, I saw temptations to spend money and it caused me stress, anxiety and a feeling like I was “less than.” I felt stuck.

The First Step to Investing: Understanding Compound Interest

First thing is first – do you have your emergency fund? Those 6 months of an emergency savings account? You do? Excellent! Next – you’re ready to invest. Really? You’re thinking – but wait, I don’t make much money. I’m just starting out? How could I possibly be ready to invest? Sure sure, but the power of compound interest will be a lifesaver. You see, what compound interest does is the great equalizer. You could make not a lot of…

Save Save Save – How to Start Saving and Why it Matters

Spending each paycheck as if it’s the paycheck you’ll get for the rest of your life is a mistake — you don’t know what will happen in the future. With every paycheck, set aside money to “pay yourself’. Start saving as much as you can until it’s uncomfortable. Why should you be uncomfortable now? Especially when you don’t even make enough to live the life you want to lead now? Why should you allocate any money toward savings especially since…

How to Make and Keep Goals so You’re Unstoppable

We did it. We got through 2017. 2017 was such a bummer in a lot of ways. I love changing over a year because it provides a world of opportunity. It’s like starting a new chapter in the book of you. Try to make actionable New Year’s Resolutions this year so you actually keep the resolutions. Wouldn’t it be incredible to look back on 2018 and realize, wow, I accomplished everything I set forth for myself! Here is how you…

Evolve with the Times

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. You’ve heard it. You KNOW that’s true. Now use it to your advantage. Welcome to the journey of finding your way in the ever-changing industry. No matter your industry, it will change rapidly. The ways that we’re doing work now will change in the blink of an eye. For you to be prepared, you need to be open to change. Your job in five years could…

Frugality is your New Best Friend

Frugal gets a bad rep. It does! But it doesn’t have to. You could reclaim frugality so you can live your best life. Why would you want to save money? Money provides freedom. And a whole hell of a lot of it. When you’re just starting out, you don’t have a lot of money, ergo you don’t have a lot of freedom. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have MORE freedom. How? Yes, by making more…

Looking for a job? Just get started!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain The beginning is the hardest place to start but begin we must. The job search is all about getting started. All action starts with a single step. But taking that step is incredibly difficult. Once you graduated, the path was laid out in front of you. It was simple. You will go to college and get a job. However, after graduating,  it’s not as easy to just “get a job.”…