How Change Your Money Mindset for Maximum Wealth

In this episode, I talk to Shannah Compton Game of the Millennial Money Podcast to talk about how to think about money and change your money mindset – how to spend, how to save, how to pay off debt and so much more. Money doesn’t need to be scary and overwhelming even though it’s often a taboo subject. 

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s interview. I spoke with Shannah Compton Game all about MONEY. She’s the creator and host of the Millennial Money podcast and her goal is to help you talk about and deal with money because everything in life revolves around money. It’s too true!  Whether it be your career, Relationship, or future goals you have for your life. – money is often at the center whether or not we talk about it. 

Today we’re talking about it. We talk about how to know your numbers, how to give every dollar a roadmap and purpose, How to invest or save when you’re still in debt, and how to change your money mindset for maximum earning potential and financial freedom. 

Here are today’s’ top takeaways 

  1. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Have a firm grasp of what you’re spending your money on. Give it a number from 1-10 how happy you are on this expense. Does this make you feel good or indifferent or guilty? Examine where you want to spend your money and how you want to spend  your money 
  2. GIVE EVERY DOLLAR A ROADMAP, PURPOSE –Once you analyze your numbers, look at how much you’re bringing in and give each dollar a job
    1. What do I want to do in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. 
    2. One of your goals might be to get rid of debt 
    3. Pay off your debt but build money on the other side. Pay off your student loans 
    4. Create savings and something that will grow for future you. 
  4. CHANGE YOUR MONEY MINDSET. Words have power. So much of what you tell yourself matters when it comes to money. If you think you don’t have a lot, your brain will do the things to make sure that’s true. Tell your brain you’re good with money and it will start to believe you. 


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