How to Make and Keep Goals so You’re Unstoppable

We did it. We got through 2017. 2017 was such a bummer in a lot of ways. I love changing over a year because it provides a world of opportunity. It’s like starting a new chapter in the book of you.

Try to make actionable New Year’s Resolutions this year so you actually keep the resolutions. Wouldn’t it be incredible to look back on 2018 and realize, wow, I accomplished everything I set forth for myself!

Here is how you set yourself up for success when making goals:

1. Make them time-oriented. If you make a goal, give yourself a deadline to accomplish it by.
2. Make them specific. Sure you want to save more money. Who doesn’t. But try to make a specific goal such as “I would like to save $5000 by the end of the 2018”
3. Make it measurable. Same with specific, make sure you can see whether or not you held yourself accountable to it. So “I would like to save $5000 by the end of 2018” is great because you can look to your savings account at the end of the year to see if you’ve actually accomplished it.
4. Enlist a friend to help. If you want to go to the gym 3x per week, see if a friend can go with you so you have someone else helping you stay accountable to your goals.
5. Check in on your goals each month to see how you’re doing. Do you need to pivot for any reason? Change any habits you’ve made? Be willing to change your goals based on your life, but continue to hold yourself to the highest standard of you.

Here’s an old video where I talked about goal setting: