Looking for a Healthy Fix? Try the Whole 30

Part of my mission of this site is to help you in ALL aspects of your life – from your early career moves and getting started with your financial goals but also your HEALTH. Food impacts so much of how you feel so why not make yourself feel a bit better, give yourself more energy to accomplish your goals and identify what in your diet is not agreeing with you? That’s where the Whole 30 comes in.

The Whole 30 is one way to help you identify the foods that could be making you feel less than great — but you wouldn’t even know it because you’re so used to eating them all the time.

It’s an elimination diet where you abstain from eating sugar (including fake sugar), grains (including fake grains like quinoa), alcohol, dairy, and legumes (including peanut butter). Science has shown why these five things might not be the best so they recommend eliminating them for 30 days to see how you feel.

So what CAN you eat?

You can eat so many things! Lots of meats and eggs and other types of proteins as well as healthy fats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. Yes it’s a lot of work. It means preparing your meals at home and not eating out a lot. You have to read EVERY label since lots of companies try to sneak in sugars or additives to common foods. But it’s only for 30 days. Then you start to reintroduce each one back in your diet to see how you feel.

Why do this?

Beyond identifying what doesn’t agree with you food-wise, you’ll also have so much more energy. It’s kind of incredible how much energy you have starting around week three. I recommend at least trying the Whole 30 because you may not know how good you could feel until you at least TRY it.

We are so used to eating what we eat without a lot of thought. So this way we put more thought into what we eat and it can have a lasting impact. You’ll have more energy, feel more well-rested and be more productive and happy. Heck, you might even lose weight (but that’s not the reason for doing it). It’s really to eliminate what could be causing your body to feel less than great and giving what could make it feel incredible. Read more in It Starts with Food.

January is a great time to try it – so think about it and join me in the adventure.

So go kick ass in your health!



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