How to Craft an Expert Cover Letter and Stand Apart in Your Job with Editor-In-Chief of SELF

Carolyn Kylstra started as Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine just as it was transitioning from a legacy print brand into a digital-led media organization. On a deadline to create a strategy, an editorial plan and voice for the brand, Carolyn took on each challenge, and the media industry quickly took notice. SELF is an award-winning wellness media brand that seeks to help people to live healthier lives. 

“The key to when you’re feeling insecure or you don’t know whether or not you’ll be campable 

Is to recognize the difference between Is this something I can learn versus Is this an innate skill that I don’t have that will take a really long time to develop. What is the source of the lack of confidence and really probe that.” 

Carolyn took her passion for both storytelling and health and find her niche in wellness media. She’s worked across the industry at media companies such as Cosmo, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and BuzzFeed before starting at SELF. As a hiring manager for many roles, Carolyn has looked over 1000 resumes and cover letters and explains how a hiring manager looks at your marketing materials and how to format your cover letter and portfolio. We also talk about how to stand apart in your career, how to deal with feelings of insecurity and how to manage up smartly.

Show Notes:

  1. How to create a Cover Letter: Do your research, Take your time when you’re applying so that when you do apply you are concise, specific and tailored to job and company to the job you’re applying for and show an understanding what the company is looking for 
  2. How to Start a Job in the Right way: Take pride in your work and do an excellent job in the details and presentation and your boss will trust you more to trust you more leading to more interesting assignments. 
  3. How to deal with Insecurity?  Imposter syndrome makes a thing out of a totally normal feeling:: Key to when you’re feeling insecure or if you don’t know if you’ll be capable, recognize: Is this something I can learn VS an innate skill I don’t have that will take a really long time to develop? 
  4. When should you start a family? There is no right time. If you know you want a family, then you should start a family.