How to Have More Energy by Listening to Your Body and Eating Well

The path to health is different for everyone. It can be difficult to try to find the right balance for you on your health journey. Something I know is what I eat definitely affects how I feel. Which is what we’re going to dive into today. 

I spoke with Cristy Powers who is a health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and pilates instructor, passionate about helping others reverse health conditions including the autoimmune path. 

I enjoyed talking to Cristy because we talk about a way to eat to reduce inflammation. We talk about what is in our foods, how to create foods you actually want to eat, how to listen to your body when you eat and other ways you can control stress through some self-care. 

This episode is all about taking care of you! 

Here are today’s top takeaways:  

  1. Pay attention to how you’re feeling – brain fog, weight fluctuations are not normal  – write down your symptoms so you can track them 
  2. If you’re interested in reducing inflammation, why not try avoiding lectins like the grains, nightshade family, and see how you feel? 

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