How to Be a Travel Storyteller with Rachel Rudwall

Rachel Rudwall is a travel host, content creator, writer, producer and photographer, but simply at her core, she’s a storyteller. She’s traveled all around the world including all continents and 70 countries. She shares how travel drives her as she’s inspired by the human interactions that fuel her and teach her as well as the landscapes that keep her invested and grounded. She recently became an Explorer’s Club fellow, alongside explorers such as likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Elon Musk and Buzz Aldrin.

What is so cool about Rachel is she was determined to set out a path for herself by creating her own opportunities by traveling and hosting on her own. That then led her to tell stories for media outlets, brands and publishers. I love Rachel’s perspective on work and how to stand apart in your industry. It’s clear she puts thought and effort with the choices she’s made and has done it through consistent, dedicated work.

We talk about how to create your own opportunity, how to network by creating authentic connections with others, how to take feedback (especially when everything feels personal), how to deal with imposter syndrome and how to explore the world without breaking the bank.

  • Reframe. As opposed to asking what can I do for the world. Ask people how I can support YOU.  Networking is showing up for people. Be kind. Work hard.
  • How to take criticism: It’s not personal! It’s just a matter of fact if you’re not doing something well. Feelings aren’t facts.
  • If you’ve received criticism, you shouldn’t take it personally just because of how you feel. How you feel doesn’t relate to the facts. You could be doing this better.
  • Failure is not always failure.  Ability to receive no with graceAbility to hear no and not take it personally. Clarity of intention that comes from having something not going as planned to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • Do First. We talk ourselves our of something because we know it will be hard. If you’re serious about wanting to learn. You can do so many things without investing money upfront with the tools you already have.
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