Kick Ass in Life: NYC

Listener Questions: How to Land a Job as a Producer & Find More Creativity at Work

I’ve gathered your questions! You’ve emailed me wanting advice on the job search process. You’ve asked how to get a job. How to get noticed. How to find a more fulfilling career. And so much more.


How to Find Internships and Be a Great Intern

Reuben Stern who is the director of the New York Program at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. His background spans many different newsrooms including being the managing editor of the Columbia Missourian as well as experience at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Budapest Sun, and the Los Angeles Daily News.

How to Craft an Expert Cover Letter and Stand Apart in Your Job with Editor-In-Chief of SELF

Carolyn Kylstra started as Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine just as it was transitioning from a legacy print brand into a digital-led media organization. On a deadline to create a strategy, an editorial plan and voice for the brand, Carolyn took on each challenge, and the media industry quickly took notice. SELF is an award-winning wellness media brand that seeks to help people to live healthier lives. 

If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere

Starting in NYC is HARD. It’s hard for anyone. I moved here seven years ago, and after searching unsuccessfully for a job for months, I was dejected.

Move to the City of Where You Want to Live – Just Do It

So you have your sights set on working in a city you don’t live … yet. Great – that’s progress! You’ve identified where you’d like to live (this is better than most). Well done in making decisions – it’s a tough decision to make. Moving to a place you want to live IS doable — in fact, it’s imperative if you want to get a job in that city. You can’t expect you’ll make any headway sitting on your mom’s…

Get Started with the Help of Temp Agencies

Have you heard of temp agencies? They are located in most cities and they provide opportunities for temporary work. These can be as simple as filing paperwork, answering phones or being someone’s assistant. It’s not hard work, but it’s not particularly interesting. You don’t take it so you can be inspired. Rather you take it so you can just get started. To get started you submit your resume online to the agency and they follow up with a call. You…

How to Get Started in New York

I recently received an email from a grad who is going to graduate in December — “I’ve been looking at jobs in NY, but I’ll admit I’m a little bit discouraged. I wanted to reach out and ask you for a piece of advice you have for someone who’s looking for a job in NY. What’s a piece of advice or word of encouragement that you have? It could be resume or cover letter related, or anything including life advice!”…