Listener Questions: How to Land a Job as a Producer & Find More Creativity at Work

I’ve gathered your questions! You’ve emailed me wanting advice on the job search process. You’ve asked how to get a job. How to get noticed. How to find a more fulfilling career. And so much more. 

In today’s episode, I do my best to answer your questions based on my personal experience:

  • A recent grad who just moved to NYC and would like some advice on how to get a producer role at a large company

  • Someone who can’t get anyone to give a second look to her resume, even after revising it multiple times

  • Someone who is not fulfilled in his current role and would like to find a more creative job but feels stuck

  • A journalism student eager for the first year but unsure what to major in and how to find internships

You’re never alone in questioning your career, your path, your industry or your job. It’s good to ask these questions! As always you can email me with questions for future episodes. I want to help you. I do this for you. I only want you to kick ass in life!


  1. You might need to start at a smaller company to gain experience.
  2. It’s good to reach out to folks for a connection but sometimes can be hard to recommend someone for a job at their company when they have never worked with you. Try reaching out to recruiters instead.
  3. Frame your asks to others as requests, rather than demands. Be specific. Cater your ask to the person you’re asking.
  4. What does your resume look like? Have you added color? Designed it? Ensured it’s one page? Are you following up when you apply to an opportunity to a real person at that company?
  5. Not feeling fulfilled at work? Want to do something more creative? Read as much as you can. Expose yourself to new opportunities to learn. Challenge yourself in small ways every day. Ask the tough questions of what you really want to be doing!

Book Recco:
Originals by Adam Grant. Highly recommend this for how to find more creativity every day in your job and life: