How to Hack Your Job Search with CEO of Edvo, Shireen Jaffer

The job search process is not easy. It’s messy. It’s complicated. What’s super frustrating is the lack of responsiveness of companies. I always talk about the black hole of applications. Once you apply you don’t know where your application goes. We just did a listener question episode where I heard your frustrations about the job search process. In fact, that is what led me on the path to creating this podcast and my ebook kick ass in your career. It’s a frustrating process!

Shireen Jaffer is working to change that. Shireen is the co-founder and CEO of Edvo, which she calls your job search on autopilot. It’s a venture-backed startup that works as a matchmaker between companies and candidates to close the gap and to fast track the interview process.

Shireen has always wanted to help candidates navigate the job search, whether it be her friends and advising them to network and make real connections or a company that does that work for you.

We talk about how to make real connections, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to leverage your existing networks, and how to add value to those connections, How to leverage the power of the internal referral and how the one-click apply is not leading to the outcome you want – it is not about how many applications you submit, but rather how many offers you get. Such good advice for all of the job searchers out there!

Here are today’s top takeaways.

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile. Frame up how you prove you did a good job at those jobs. Add Quantifiable metrics for your success. Even with part-time jobs, you control the narrative and how you articulate your accomplishments
  2. Strive to make real connections and build your network of champions. Reach out to alumni and take a genuine interest and ask them questions. Reach out to people: Just talk to a bunch of people and ask thoughtful questions. What does their role look like, what made them choose your current company, what other companies have they applied to what differences in culture that they see between their org and other organizations. Ask how you can help them. It does not add value before extracting value
  3. Utilize internal referral networks. Once you have a good connection. Many companies have internal referral networks.
  4. The one-click apply is out. It’s not about how many applications you can submit but rather how many offers you can get. Offers come from successful interviews so that is the metric to use.

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