A Recent Grad

So you graduated – Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something major and you should be very proud. It’s only the beginning! Now for the exciting work of continuing to learn and getting your first job!

If you already have a job but don’t love it, don’t despair. You have many options too, and I’m here to help.


1. Figure out where you want to live. You may have to make a leap of faith and move there in order to get a job. It’s much easier to be living in the place you’re looking.
2. Be willing to just get started. You might need to temp for a while until you land on your feet.
3. Network like hell to make connections. Connections lead to job leads.
4. Get a job. It’s that obvious is it? Let me help you do this. We’ve got this.
5. If you can’t get a job right away, be open to finding an internship opportunity. It’s a foot in the door. Then you can show them how awesome you are.
6. Kick Ass in your job – Be unforgettable. Follow-up. Be unstoppable and learn as much as you can.
7. Start saving money and pay yourself first .
8. Learn more about investment and prioritize learning more about retirement — sure it’s far away but you have this incredible power called time.
9. Create a health routine to make you happier and healthier.
10. Give back and help others succeed to help them expand their network.

I’m here for YOU. I do this for YOU. I want to help YOU. So please reach out and let me know your questions – I was where you were not that long ago and I worked like hell to get where I am today. I want to give you the tools you need to be successful too.

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Go kick ass!

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