Take Action with This Checklist Before Graduation in May

If you are a May grad – don’t despair!!  With only one month away, NOW is a great time to get all of your materials ready. Heck, you can even apply for jobs as you wait to graduate in May. Get in a state of readiness to be ready to kick ass in the job search. Checklist:

  1. Website:
    • Do you have a website?
    • Is it focused, clean and includes your best work ( not throwing everything including the kitchen sink in there)
  2. Resume:
    • Have you updated your resume?
    • Had a friend check it over?
    • Is it designed well and include actionable information?
    • Double checked your spelling and grammar?
  3. Online Presence:
    • Have you updated your LinkedIn profile?
    • Ensured you’ve connected with those that you know?
    • Do you have a professional headshot
  4. Recent work:
    • Do you have samples of recent work you can be sure to share?
    • Is your recent work focused on the opportunities you’re seeking out?
  5. Networking:
    • Have you reached out to network with folks?
    • Have you scheduled informational interviews?

Yes, you’ve completed your checklist? Awesome! Now is the time for action!