Create a Routine to Maximize your Happiness

Routine is the key to creating the base to happiness. You may figure routines are boring. And they can be. But embrace the boring!! Boring can provide so much happiness long-term.


Routine means fewer decisions. You allow your brain to relax a bit by taking away the stress of thinking about what to do next. Decision fatigue is real, and by eliminating the fatigue surrounded by making decisions, you can open yourself to have decisions made for you – because YOU made those decisions for you.

What kind of routine are we talking about?

Self Care: How are you taking care of yourself to prevent you from getting burned out or overwhelmed?  This can include anything from a nighttime self-care regimen when you’re winding down for bed. It can include meditation, yoga or a before-bedtime tea.

Bedtime: What time you go to bed every night impacts your happy routine. Do you have a consistent bedtime and are you allowing yourself at least 7 hours of sleep per night? Your brain NEEDS that to survive so you can prepare for the next day.

Exercise: Are you moving every day? Are you finding ways to exercise or move your body to keep you young, happy and strong? This is one of the most important routines you can establish.

Routines don’t mean you can’t be spontaneous. You can totally still be spontaneous. Now that you know you can manage your happiness with your routines, you can make smarter decisions to lead to a happier and healthier you.