How to Face Imposter Syndrome

We all feel like we don’t belong sometimes and we are inadequate in our jobs. It can feel like we somehow tricked people to get where we are today. Sometimes we feel like we don’t deserve the success we’ve achieved. Imposter syndrome plagues everyone. We will get in that dream job that we worked super hard for and look around to wonder when everyone will notice we shouldn’t be here. We all feel it, though what we do with that feeling will allow us to sink or swim.

However, the comforting notion that everyone suffers from it does not make it any easier. Go inside yourself, take a deep breath and reaffirm to yourself that you belong. Remember how hard you worked, how much experience you had coming into this and how you’re kicking ass each day. Only your unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge has led you to where you are today. They wanted you and they picked you.

Write down when you’re feeling it. Track when you feel that nagging sensation that you’re not good enough. Being aware of how you’re feeling and writing it down is the first step to dealing with it. You just have to know what your brain is telling yourself. Your feelings matter – so acknowledge what you’re feeling.

Celebrate your wins- and track them. After each email you get, each positive affirmation, keep a record of it. Make sure to file away the nice things people say about you and the quality of your work. When you are feeling down, re-read your wins. What are your superpowers that make you super unique? This can offer you great support when you need a bit of a boost.

Act the way you want to feel. Sometimes you have to just act as you belong and your mind will follow. Fake it till you make it. You’ll soon realize you have all the experience you need and you’ll wonder what you were ever worried about. It’s a constant struggle feeling like you’re worthy of the opportunity, more money, better title or clutch assignment.

Don’t self-select. Say yes to that big promotion even though you don’t think you’ll be able to to do it. Someone wouldn’t choose you unless you were ready. Now the trick is to make yourself believe it.

Own your success. When someone says good job or gives you accolades, say thank you. Don’t say “I got lucky.” Try a simple “Thank you.” A compliment is a gift so don’t turn it down. Accept it graciously. Own up to how awesome you are.

Go kick ass in life!