How to be an Unforgettable Even as an Intern

Have you landed an internship this semester? Excellent. You rock. Because now getting internships can be just as hard as getting a job.

Why is it? Well, think about it. You’re in a class with so many smart, determined young professionals.

So now that you’ve found yourself with an internship – you should be very proud. Next is to make a positive impression when you’re there. You’ll meet a lot of awesome contacts.

Do the work. Be the worker. Be the person who gets shit done. Be the person who is constantly saying when you finish assignments and are ready for the next thing. Don’t twiddle your thumbs waiting around – ask for more.

Understand deadlines. Ask, “When would you like this finished by? That way you can start learning how to prioritize the work given you.

Overcommunicate. If you’re working on something and are asked to finish something that competes with your current work, say “I’m working on X right now, what should I prioritize?”

Take notes. Bring your notebook and a pen to meetings. If you have a laptop and it’s part of company culture to bring a laptop, bring one.

Ask questions. Yes, ask questions as you need. You might have a ton of questions and that’s ok. Just make sure your manager is ready to answer them by asking “Hey there, I have a few questions about your assignment. May I ask you now or should I set up some time with you?” Respect your manager’s time. They are busy. But always ask to make sure you’re on the same page for what’s expected.

Reach out to people for informational interviews. Use the time while you’re there to get to know your manager and other folks at the company better.

Don’t complain on social media. Your employer will look you up. If you’re constantly complaining about how bored you are, your manager will lose respect for you. Make sure you’re aware of what you can share out on social media.

Breath. You’ll get stressed. You will think people are smarter than you, but don’t get discouraged. You’re new and you’re there to learn. So learn as much as you can!