Do the Work

When you’re just getting started, don’t be above anything. You can’t just self-select out of doing the work because you feel like you “earned” getting where you are today. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

Employers notice the workers.
They notice the people who get it done. Aspire to be a worker.

Yes, you have goals for what you want for yourself and your career. We all do. By just hunkering down and working hard you’ll be able to build the relationships. Relationships are the key to be able to meet your goals. Once people see how hard you’ve worked, they will want to help you achieve your goals.

But first the work. So be curious about the work and the people who are admired for doing the work in your office.

Being the worker is not sexy. Work takes effort. How well you’ve organized that presentation or copied those pages is work. It might be boring to pay attention to the details, but you want to be the person people turn to when they need to get it done.

“Give it to Laura she’ll get it done.”

Yes, you’ll have questions about the best way to do something. Maybe you can find a more efficient way. Always raise your hand when you’ve finished your tasks, greedy for more. You want more work.
Be the worker in the office. There are no shortcuts. Enjoy the process.

Ready? Go kick ass in your career.