Every No is One Step Closer to a YES

Rejection sucks. Hearing no sucks. You’ll hear a lot of that. No, you’re not the right fit. No, we don’t have opportunities now. No, we don’t need you. No. No. No.

My dad was in sales and he taught us that you must receive a lot of rejection before you really start hearing yes. Receiving rejection is a simply a muscle to develop. Then you crave the no. You crave rejection so you can pile up the rejections before you start hearing yeses. Because each no brings you closer to the yes.

With sales, it was all about numbers. Call on 10 houses, hear 10 nos. Call on 100 houses, hear 2 yesses. Call on 200 houses… etc. You get it. Plus then you’ll just get better at dealing with rejection on a daily basis.

My dad taught my brother and me how to paint curbs for money.

Dealing with rejection won’t let it STOP you. You might be disappointed but you don’t let that affect your decisions to move forward with your goals.  The most vital thing in a job search is that you don’t let anything put up a blockade or stop you in your tracks. If you’re easily persuaded by the no, you might think that’s it. That you hear the no and then you’re finished.

HUGE MISTAKE. If you let the no consume you and if you feel sorry for yourself, you’re not moving forward or taking action toward your goals. You’re stagnant. No one ones to be stagnant. Flies are attracted to stagnant water. You want to flow, baby. You want to flow fast and smooth and move toward YES.

Ready? Go kick ass in your career.   

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