Put Those Blinders On

“You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.”
-George Lucas

Welcome to a race of one. It’s just you at the starting line, and you’re excited to start the race. You look around and there is no one next to you. No one to beat but you. The gun sounds and you’re off.

Then suddenly your focus shifts and tons of people are all around you, running next to you, in front of you, chasing behind you and bumping into you.

You falter. You trip, but you don’t fall because you know you have to finish the race. But it’s hard to ignore those other people that joined your race. Why are they here?

Welcome to your career. But it’s not really a race and the finish line doesn’t really exist. It’s a journey, but it’s only a journey of one. You do only have yourself to beat. It should make you feel better but it’s a hard pill to swallow.

When you graduated, you graduated with thousands of others who are just like you. They also have good grades, a good resume and are really excited to start their career.

But remind yourself: You’re different. Put blinders on to remember what your focus is. Your friends are on a different path. You’re not competing against anyone but yourself. That being said, you still need to present yourself in the best light knowing just how many others are out there running their own races. You aren’t trying to beat them, but knowing that they are out there will help you focus your energy in a productive way to STAND APART.

If your friend gets a job you wanted, be happy for them. Remind yourself of your own path.  It’s hard not to feel stung when others get promotions. If you see something a friend has, think about it and see if there is something you would like to have in your own life. Use it as motivation, but don’t forget what your goals are. 

Always remind yourself own path, own race, you’re only competing against yourself and put those blinders on.