How to Start a Side Hustle

You’ve heard of a side hustle, right? I feel like that term has had a super big moment right now – and rightfully so! 

A side hustle is a pursuit outside of work that captivates your attention and time outside of work. It’s a project where you can devote your creative energy to something you’re really passionate about. It may have the potential to make money down the line or just a way to express yourself in a way you’re not able to at work.

Some examples include if you love DJ’ing then you might put up a website offering your mixes and style and start marketing yourself for birthday parties, clubs etc. Or you love embroidery and decide to start selling your work on Etsy. You could be super passionate about vintage games and are the foremost expert on it so you start a podcast about it.

Plenty of people are able to make money off of their side hustle but that’s not the goal of one. The first goal is to just START and have an outlet for what you’re good at.

There are tons of ways to start a side hustle. It’s a lot of work so you want to be sure you can dedicate the time outside of work to doing it. You want to be sure you’re not taking away any time at work while you’re pursuing it otherwise you won’t have a happy manager.

Read the Side Hustle School  book or listen to the podcast if you’re interested in starting a side hustle.

I started a side hustle a few years ago with my personality “Fitlala.” I created a website and hosted and produced food and lifestyle videos. It was super fun. If I kept with it, I would have figured out a way to monetize it. But it took a lot of effort and time and work got in the way and I didn’t give it the love it deserved. That was a bummer. Here’s an example: 


BUT – I never stop thinking of projects and ways to make money. First, it’s a matter of finding something you like to do, then really leaning into it and figuring out how to make a business out of it.

Why do it? Sure, it seems like just more work after a long day of work. However, if you like what you do, you can turn a hobby into something more. You never know the state of the industry. Your current company could lay you off anytime. It’s valuable to have a second income source or a way of diversifying your skill set. Or it could help you land a new position. Who knows! It’s worth trying. Write down a few things you can lean into and start researching how you might get started.

In the meantime, check out my podcast Kick Ass in Life, also my side hustle: