The Pursuit is Half the Battle

Nothing is easy. Finding a job, internship, or opportunity is NOT easy. And even when you land one, it’s maybe not ideal. And that’s ok. It’s welcome. Because your only goal right now is to learn as much as you can about what you love, what you hate and what you want out of your life. The pursuit of what you want to spend your working life doing is half the battle. 

Where you are today is not where you’ll be forever. It’s a start. You could see your future goals as unattainable now, but in five years you might be in a company you’ve wanted to work for forever and realize it’s not what you love. And you will make new goals. So make some goals now about what you want to learn, areas you want to explore and passions you want to pursue. 

What are you seeking?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to make a certain salary and then when you do you realize your life hasn’t changed because of it. Sure you can save more and have a bit more allocated for your vacation but it could be an empty pursuit leading you down a wrong path in your career. Money is not the best goal early in your career.  It’s a great “along the way” goal but ultimately it’s an empty pursuit that doesn’t cause much additional happiness. 

Be open to the learnings, projects, skills, challenges and how you can develop you to be a better producer/writer/editor/accountant etc. This is where you will really thrive. The learning and the ability to take learnings and grow them into something fruitful. It will keep you always on the right path. 

Pursuing what you enjoy doing through finding opportunities at work or through a side hustle and are loving the project but wonder why you’re not loving work more. You may realize you hate working for someone else and you want to run your own company one day. It’s doable! Once you learn 

The quest for what’s next in your career or life IS what creates the happiness. The struggle and challenge of achieving your goals IS what it’s all about. And if you achieve goals, you better get new goals so you’re never comfortable for too long. Comfort is fine, but it means you’re not growing in any real way. 

You’re never “done.” Learning how to get better, more about a skill in your industry or pursuing a passion in our outside of work is what the journey is. The struggle will lead you to new challenges, pursuits, and adventures. So go kick ass and get yours.