How to Focus Your Job Search if You Have So Many Interests

So you’re good at a lot of different things– good for you. That’s most excellent and a great place to be. In the job search, you might be having a tough time staying focused. What type of job should you go after? How can you hear back from the opportunities you’ve applied for?

The answer is simple:

Create different resumes catered to your different experience! I was where you were not too long ago. I had SO many interests and didn’t know where to start. That’s ok. That’s NORMAL. What’s great is you’re good at so many different things — just create different resumes. Let’s say you’re interested in 2-3 different types of jobs. Look at the job descriptions and cater your experience to that. Make 2-3 versions that cater to those types of jobs. Customize your portfolio in the same way to show you’re truly interested in a particular path – not that you’re just throwing everything against a wall to see what sticks.

You’re multifaceted. You’re talented. You may not find the perfect thing right away that caters to all of your interests. No problem. Just find a way to get started with one of your interests that feels like a good opportunity. Once you get started, you’ll learn what you like, what you don’t like and start to decide which direction you want to move in. Your other interests can create side hustles or further amplify your experience in one area. It won’t be your ONLY job, it will be a start.

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Go kick ass in your job search!