An Intern Or Soon-To-Be Grad

So you’re starting an internship – congrats! Or perhaps it feels like an eternity as you’re slowly approaching graduation. It can feel like for-ev-er until you actually graduate and what can you really do NOW? Actually, you can do SO MUCH. You want to be READY for when you are ready to start the JOB SEARCH.

Start here for the top pro tips to get started in your career from the very first step – internships. If you’ve already had an internship – incredible! If not, learn how to position yourself with the best marketing materials to sell yourself.

Because while it might be too early to apply to a job, this is the time for gaining experience, learning, networking and getting your marketing materials together.



Step 1: Get an internship.

Step 2: Kick ass in your internship and be unforgettable in your internship.

Step 3: Stay in touch after your internships and remind people on a regular basis you exist and especially when you’re close to graduating.


Step 1: Don’t freak out.

Step 2: Think about what you want to do after graduation, what that first job might be and where you might want to move after graduation

Step 3: Polish your marketing materials (resume, portfolio) to shine.

Step 4: Start building relationships and reaching out for informational interviews

Step 5: When you’re close to graduation, start applying and always follow up! Avoid the black hole at all costs.

Step 6: Start a health routine so you can manage the stress of the application process.

Step 7: When you land a job, start saving as much as you can and being smart about money.

Step 8: Be unforgettable.

If you’re a soon-to-be grad you have so much to learn!

I’m here for YOU. I do this for YOU. I want to help YOU. So please reach out and let me know your questions – I was where you were not that long ago and I worked like hell to get where I am today. I want to give you the tools you need to be successful too.

If you need a bit of help to capture an edge, please reach out to me for individualized coaching, resume revamp or advice. Also you can listen and subscribe to the podcast for more pro tips on career, money health and happiness! Subscribe to the newsletter for pro tips directly to your inbox.

Go kick ass!

Quick Tips for Interns

Should You Intern if You’ve Graduated?

Should you intern if you’ve already graduated? This is a question I get A LOT. And I get it. You feel like if you’ve graduated you should get a job immediately. Which is great if you can. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you just can’t get a company to take a chance on you. But you might be able to get a foot in the door if you intern for them first. 

Interns Don’t Work from Home

In any new job there is a probationary period to make sure you’re performing up to the standards of the position. Then once you settle in and your boss realizes your value, you can start taking some advantages such as vacation time or being able to work from home. Unfortunately, an internship is a probationary period that never ends

How to Make the Most out of Your Internship

Think about an this summer – Why? An internship is an incredible way to get hands-on experience. Even if you’re a recent grad, an internship can be a great way to learn as much as you can, add to your resume and make connections to last your career.

What’s Next?

You’ve been asking yourself what’s next for the past several months—wondering what will happen once you graduate. Now that you’ve graduated (or close to it), you’re eager to move into the job market. Welcome to the beginning, which is the hardest place to be. But begin we must. You are determined. You want to make…

Take Action with This Checklist Before Graduation in May

If you are a May grad – don’t despair!!  With only one month away, NOW is a great time to get all of your materials ready. Heck, you can even apply for jobs as you wait to graduate in May. Get in a state of readiness to be ready to kick ass in the job search. 

Make Your Mistakes and Learn and Move on

You’ll have a lot of “teachable moments” when you’re first starting out. You might make mistakes as an intern. That’s ok. It’s uncomfortable to make a mistake.

Impress Hiring Managers with a Killer Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to express your interest in the opportunity and why you are perfect for the job.

How to land an Informational Interview the right way

Struggling with what to write in your email for an informational interview? Fear no more. I share all dos/don’ts for how to reach out and get an informational interview that won’t annoy the other person. Instead, it will get them to say YES quickly so you can impress the hell out of them. One tip:…

How to be an Unforgettable Even as an Intern

Have you landed an internship this semester? Excellent. You rock. Because now getting internships can be just as hard as getting a job. Why is it? Well, think about it. You’re in a class with so many smart, determined young professionals. So now that you’ve found yourself with an internship – you should be very…

Congratulations December Graduates

If you are graduating in December, don’t freak out. This is the time to freak out. Don’t do it. You’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll be more than fine, you’ve got this. Each semester was preparing you for this moment. This moment when you’d be on your own, ready for what’s next. Yes, this is…

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