Five Ways to be Happier Now

It’s December. December is crazyyyyy. It’s full of holiday parties, spending money, family obligations, and general stress. Here are five ways now you can add more ZEN to your everyday routine to stay SANE in a crazy, busy time.

1. Put your blinders on. Compete against yourself.

2. Learn something new. The brain CRAVES newness. Give your brain what it wants. Learn a new language. Take a free class through Edx (free online courses from colleges) or through your local library. It will be challenging at first but soon you’ll be so much happier.

3. Spend money on experiences. Along with learning something new, you get a better brain boost out of experiences than you do from buying stuff. So figure out a trip you’d love to take or a hobby you’d love to explore.

4. Move your body. Work out. Go on a walk. Sweat every day. The biggest happy pill you can take is just moving your body consistently.

5.Don’t be so hard on yourself. You work hard. When you beat yourself up over something you did wrong, you really make life harder on yourself than it has to be.