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Are you soon-to-be grad or recent grad and trying to differentiate yourself in a sea of sameness? Are you applying for jobs but not hearing back? Or are you not sure where to even start?

Sell Yourself with an Online Portfolio that Shines

Wondering how to create a portfolio that stands apart? It’s easy! 1. Buy your domain name. Own your brand. Go to godaddy.com and buy your domain name. If it’s not available, try .me instead of .com. 2. Include relevant work. Make sure all links work and are displayed in a simple, beautiful way. 3. If you’re good at a lot, pick one thing. Highlight how you are incredible in one thing and use your portfolio to show it off. If…

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Looking for a Healthy Fix? Try the Whole 30

Part of my mission of this site is to help you in ALL aspects of your life – from your early career moves and getting started with your financial goals but also your HEALTH. Food impacts so much of how you feel so why not make yourself feel a bit better, give yourself more energy to accomplish your goals and identify what in your diet is not agreeing with you? That’s where the Whole 30 comes in. The Whole 30…

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How to Avoid Stress and Stay Sane – Anytime, Anywhere

It’s busy! With the deluge of holiday parties and spending money finding the perfect gift, it can be a stressful time. Use some of these pro tips to avoid getting burned out this holiday season!

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How to be an Unforgettable Even as an Intern

Have you landed an internship this semester? Excellent. You rock. Because now getting internships can be just as hard as getting a job. Why is it? Well, think about it. You’re in a class with so many smart, determined young professionals. So now that you’ve found yourself with an internship – you should be very proud. Next is to make a positive impression when you’re there. You’ll meet a lot of awesome contacts. Do the work. Be the worker. Be…

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Evolve with the Times

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. You’ve heard it. You KNOW that’s true. Now use it to your advantage. Welcome to the journey of finding your way in the ever-changing industry. No matter your industry, it will change rapidly. The ways that we’re doing work now will change in the blink of an eye. For you to be prepared, you need to be open to change. Your job in five years could…

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Five Ways to be Happier Now

It’s December. December is crazyyyyy. It’s full of holiday parties, spending money, family obligations, and general stress. Here are five ways now you can add more ZEN to your everyday routine to stay SANE in a crazy, busy time. 1. Put your blinders on. Compete against yourself. 2. Learn something new. The brain CRAVES newness. Give your brain what it wants. Learn a new language. Take a free class through Edx (free online courses from colleges) or through your local…

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